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Press release from | No. 27/2017

Federal employees continue to travel climate-friendly

business travellers in an airport

Emission reduction credits (ERCs) from high-quality international climate change mitigation projects will continue to compensate the official travel by German federal employees. The Federal Government plans to purchase more than 235,000 ERCs which will then be cancelled. ERCs for emissions in 2015 were purchased earlier this year. The next compensation procedure for 2016 emissions will now follow. read more

Press release from | No. 26/2017

Good indoor air quality is in jeopardy

A craftsman laying a wooden floor.

The German Environment Agency (UBA) is warning of potential health risks as a result of staying in buildings which do not meet adequate European standards. read more

Press release from | No. 24/2017

Public health in the course of climate change: Master plan for heat waves

Heruntergelassene Jalousien

High temperatures and heat waves are adding up to public health problems – and the impact of climate change is becoming more noticeable also in Germany. The federal states and local authorities can draft and implement heat wave action plans to protect public health. The German Environment Agency (UBA) has developed a master plan in collaboration with many experts from various disciplines.  read more

Press release from | No. 22/2017

Data on the Environment 2017: More climate protection action required

 Polar bear on ice floe

UBA's Daten zur Umwelt 2017 [Data on the Environment] publication offers a complete overview of all environmental sectors in Germany. It concludes that greater effort is required to achieve the national goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40 per cent until 2020; air quality in cities continues to be too heavily polluted. In contrast, drinking water quality remains good. read more


The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment