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Press release from | No. 20/2020

Emerge more sustainable from the coronavirus pandemic

A PV power plant in the country side.

The German Environment Agency (UBA) has presented a plan on how to design the coronavirus stimulus packages to target environmental protection. "Environmental protection and climate action have been high on the political agenda in recent times and both will remain of major importance after the coronavirus crisis. We should be wary about losing sight of these acute problems as we restart the econom... read more

Press release from | No. 19/2020

German Environment Agency enhances its air quality app

Zwei Smartphones auf lila-farbenem Hintergrund. Aufschrift: Wie gut ist die Luft, die sie atmen?

The "Luftqualität" air quality app by the German Environment Agency now also features ozone forecasts. The app can display expected ozone levels for the current and two following days. An automatic alert can be activated to notify the user if high levels of ozone are expected within the next 24 hours. read more

Press release from | No. 18/2020

National alliance champions more use of the bio-bin

auf einem Gehweg steht vor einer grünen Hecke eine braune Mülltonne, auf der "Bioabfälle" steht und aus der Gartenabfälle herausgucken

May 11 2020 marks the launch of this year's "Biowaste Bin Campaign” (Aktion Biotonne Deutschland). The initiative supports municipalities in providing waste disposal advice at local level. Private households in Germany are to improve the separate collection of biowaste for energy recovery or use as fertiliser. read more

Press release from | No. 17/2020

Employment numbers in environmental protection sector rising steadily

worker installing a thermal insulation on a facade of a building

Some 2.8 million people in Germany were employed in the environmental protection sector in 2017, says a recent report by the German Environment Agency (UBA). The importance of environmental protection for the labour market has continued to grow in recent years. In 2010, 5.9 percent of the labour force was employed in the environmental protection sector, rising to 6.4 percent in 2017 . read more

Press release from | No. 15/2020

CO2 emissions per kilowatt hour of electricity in further decline in 2019

overhead electicity line and wind power plants

The specific CO2 emission factor of Germany's electricity mix continues to be on the decline, say the latest calculations done by the German Environment Agency (UBA) for 2019. The main relevant factors which contributed to this were increased electricity generated from renewables and less from coal firing as well as prices in emissions trading. read more

Press release from | No. 14/2020

Nomination of climate change adaptation projects

Blaues Logo des Wettbewerbs 2020

The German Environment Agency (UBA) has nominated 15 climate change adaptation projects to compete in the Blauer Kompass contest. Many exemplary actions are included, ranging from educational training modules in agriculture and climate-adapted housing, to heat protection for day care centres, schools and nursing homes. read more


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