Media professionals in Antarctica

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Exotic, sensitive world: Penguins in Antarctica
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Stunning images of table icebergs, close-ups of penguins, reports on research activity – media professionals spare neither icy cold nor other adversities to bring Antarctica in focus for readers and viewers at home.

Journalists, photographers or camera teams from all over the world have often used the opportunity to undertake a journey to Antarctica in order to return with interesting reports and spectacular pictures. Whether they are on board a cruise ship, research vessel or airplane, there would be little knowledge available to the public without the work done by the media.

However, only few media professionals are aware that their work in the area covered by the Antarctic Treaty counts as a self-organised activity, which requires explicit authorisation. Whereas individual travellers on cruise ships and research vessel staff do not need to apply for a permit to travel to Antarctica at the German Environment Agency (UBA), everyone else who intends to commercialize images and reports must apply for a permit for their activity from UBA. The application form to be completed is here: Applying for a permit to travel to the Antarctic > Overview of application forms  under "Self-organised tourism and/or another activity". As a rule UBA works in close cooperation with the tour organiser.

Journalists in particular must become acquainted with the rules of proper behaviour in the Antarctic Treaty area. Further information is available on our web pages and in the following documents:

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