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  2. Cleaner air in cities: number of cities above the NO2 limit is halved in 2019
  3. Clean bathing waters, but the fun has its limits
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Press release on Water

Germany assumes chairmanship of Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission (HELCOM)

The Baltic Sea is a highly sensitive natural environment

On 1 July 2020, Germany assumed chairmanship of the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission – Helsinki Commission (HELCOM) for a period of two years. Oversupply of nutrients, unexploded ordnance, marine litter, underwater noise pollution and climate change are the stresses on the marine ecosystems of the Baltic Sea on which Germany wants to focus during its tenure. read more

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Global Initiative on “A Digital Planet for Sustainability”

Die Erdkugel mit der blauen Atmosphäre vor dem schwarzen Weltall

UBA together with UNDP, UNEP, Future Earth and ISC started the initiative A Digital Planet for Sustainability, which brings together science community, governmental institutions, UN Bodies, tech companies, and civil society. Because digitalization creates new opportunities for implementing the 2030 agenda and the UN's sustainability goals - and thus also for environmental and climate protection. read more

Press release on The UBA, Waste | Resources and Sustainability | Strategies | International matters


Raul Walch. Laborant’s Pause, 2018. Inkjet-Print. Copyright: Raul Walch

Waste is everywhere: in the Great Pacific garbage patch, as fine particular matter in the air, or as microplastics in the food chain. The group exhibition Zero Waste showcases international positions in contemporary art that point out the urgency to save resources, consume less, and live more sustainably. Zero Waste is on display at the MdBK Museum of fine arts in Leipzig von Jun 25 til Nov 8. read more

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The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment