International Academy Transformation for Environment and Sustainability (TES Academy)

teamwork with people of different countries
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Achieving the goals of sustainable development requires profound transformations at the personal, interpersonal, institutional and societal levels. The TES Academy is a new self-financed project at UBA (pilot phase 2022 to 2024) to promote and conduct mutual learning activities on practical transformation challenges. The Academy will develop different formats for joint activities with partners.

In order to shape a sustainable future, we need people across national borders who are capable of implementing transformation processes for the environment and sustainability at all levels and thus developing structures with which sustainability problems can be solved.

The academy will identify and address topics of transformations that have a high potential to increase their implementation by knowledge exchange and joint learning activities across countries.

New knowledge from transformation and environmental science will be brought together with practical knowledge on. These topics would ideally link a focus on implementation with international environmental and sustainability policy agendas.

Main aims

The Academy aims to establish mutual learning spaces across disciplines and backgrounds, designed to link scientific expertise with practical experience in addressing challenges of transformational change.

Therefore, we aim at bringing together experts for all relevant fields, including science, administration, industry and civil society, aiming to address institutions and individuals with the potential to implement lessons learned in their institutions and via new collaborations. The focus will be on G20 countries and the European Union.

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