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The core of the Academy’s work is accompanied processes on specific sustainability topics that have a high potential from an UBA. Professional actors from different professional and institutional backgrounds work together over a period to solve concrete sustainability problems. The Academy accompanies these collaborations through goal-oriented didactic preparation, theoretical impulses and practical exercises.

The process of the series could extend over a period of six to nine months with one to three in person events, e.g. at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the process (in Dessau or at partner’s locations). However, the exact schedule is always adapted to the needs of a specific topic and its context. In addition, there will be regular online meetings and, if necessary, supplementary offers and supporting communication channels.

Exemplary Process starting about 3 month before in the preparation phase, then first workshop and the work process in the implementation phase and then continuation phase with possible collaboration und outputs. Process can be up to 9 to 12 months.
Source: German Environment Agency

Through targeted invitations, the Academy ensures that different (even controversial) perspectives on the sustainability problem are represented in a group. In the course of the process, participants are accompanied in this process to (as examples):

  • reach a consensually accepted evidence base on a specific sustainability problem and its causes;
  • develop accepted actions to address this problem that participants can implement in their respective professional contexts;
  • develop concrete collaboration plans among participants.

The basis of the elaboration of a concrete professional topic for transformational support are the guiding principles of the TES Academy:

Guiding principles of the TES Academy: Multiple perspectives on the environment and sustainability,From personal to systemic, Holistic learning, From local to global and Mutual learning
Source: German Environment Agency

The Academy uses the above-mentioned instruments to connect actors worldwide and thus build networks and partnerships that contribute to the realization of the sustainability transformation.

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