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    Looking for ideas on living with climate change

    Citizens can participate in the "Dialogue on Climate Adaptation" starting today read more

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    European Mobility Week: Sustainable mobility saves energy

    A new record number of 177 German municipalities and districts are taking part in the international action week. read more

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    Water resources must be better protected

    UBA warns against slow-to-degrade and mobile chemicals read more

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    New UBA building serves as a model for sustainable construction

    German Environment Agency opens climate-neutral extension in Dessau read more

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    First "Environment in the Neighbourhood" Action Days bring sustainable commitment to life locally

    Steffi Lemke and Dirk Messner open the Action Days with a walk through the Am Leipziger Tor district of Dessau read more

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    Additional measures needed to achieve climate targets

    Current projection report sees gap by 2030 read more

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    Wherever spraying takes place, streams are damaged

    Despite extensive approval testing and strict regulations, pesticides from agriculture enter small water bodies in environmentally harmful quantities read more

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    Environmental awareness study: Majority of Germans consider adaptation to already clearly noticeable climate crisis necessary

    Environmental and climate protection remain important despite multiple other crises read more

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    UBA presents study on water management consequences of brown coal phase-out in Lausitz region

    UBA President: "We hope that our study will provide the federal states with helpful food for thought for their own solution options." read more

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    European emissions trading: Greenhouse gas emissions in Germany constant overall

    DEHSt annual report shows more emissions from coal combustion read more

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    UBA study: This is how Germany can achieve its 2030 climate targets

    More rail transport, a reform of the motor vehicle tax and reducing reliance on heating with fossil fuels are required read more

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    New drinking water ordinance ensures high quality

    Replacement of old lead pipes, new parameters and lower limits for pollutants: German Environment Agency (UBA) welcomes stricter rules for drinking water safety read more

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    Better recycling of boats

    Digital product passport can help recycle fibre-reinforced composite materials read more

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    Spree faces increased water shortage after coal phase-out in Lausitz region

    UBA study: Saxony, Brandenburg and Berlin face a mammoth task read more

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    German bathing water quality remains at a high level

    More than 96 percent of all bathing water sites rated "excellent" or "good” read more

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    Marine Litter Round Table active against plastic pollution in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea for seven years

    read more

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    Connectivity with consequences: 13 steps to counter software obsolescence

    The German Environment Agency (UBA) recommends measures to increase the lifespan of technological devices and gives advice on how consumers can protect themselves. read more

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    The German Organic Waste Campaign launches Organic Waste Bin Challenge 2023

    read more

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    Plastic manufacturers to pay into Single-Use Plastic Fund in future

    German Environment Agency to launch digital platform DIVID on January 1, 2024 read more

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    Traffic noise can increase risk of depression and anxiety disorders

    An appeal for a 30 km/h speed limit in cities and more protection against railroad and aircraft noise read more

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    Call for papers: German Prize for Nature Writing 2023

    Authors can submit their writing until 30 April 2023 read more

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    UBA forecast: 2022 greenhouse gas emissions down by 1.9 percent

    Increase in coal and fuel consumption – more renewables and overall lower energy use curb the effects read more

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    Paludiculture: More climate action with rewetted peatlands

    Government should provide financial support to farmers practicing voluntary peatland protection read more

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    New quality seal for air conditioning systems: good quality air at low energy cost

    Three-step process involving independent verification ensures energy efficiency in air conditioning systems read more

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    Tackling the housing shortage with ecological answers

    Refurbishment of the housing stock is key to more affordable housing and climate action read more

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    Germany complied with air quality limit values nearly everywhere in 2022

    Yet no guarantee that health is protected read more

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    Consumer protection: German Environment Agency participates in European screening for manipulative online shop practices

    read more

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    Final 2021 greenhouse gas emissions balance: Emissions declined by 39 percent over 1990, complying with EU climate action targets

    Official estimate of 2022 emissions required by Climate Change Act to be published in mid-March 2023 read more

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    German Ecodesign Award 2023: Federal Government competition renews offer of reward for ecological design

    read more

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    Possible ban on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in the EU

    UBA and other agencies submit proposal for the restriction of PFAS to the European Chemicals Agency read more

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    Emissions trading rings up record revenues: More than 13 billion euros for climate protection

    Emissions trading squares ambitious climate action with social compatibility and economic competitiveness read more

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