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    First half of 2024: Renewable electricity generation continues to rise significantly

    Heating and transport sectors remain almost unchanged read more

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    European emissions trading: record decline in greenhouse gas emissions in Germany

    Emissions fall by 18 per cent, significantly more than total German emissions read more

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    Making cities resilient to extreme weather events

    UBA recommends converting cities to sponge cities read more

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    Environmental and nature conservation information at a glance

    First version of goes online read more

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    Collaboration “Dessau-Rosslau lives global openness and diversity” nominated for the German Demography Award from over 70 projects

    read more

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    The German Environment Agency celebrates 50 years of environmental protection at its Dessau site

    Looking back on 50 years of environmental protection with an anniversary celebration for members of the public on 15 June 2024 in Dessau-Rosslau read more

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    Federal Environment Ministry supports preventive health measures in the climate crisis

    read more

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    “Danger Islands”: a new protected area in the Antarctic

    Successful German-American initiative read more

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    German bathing waters rated excellent again

    More than 96 percent of bathing waters in Germany were once again rated as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ read more

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    Federal “Blue Compass” award: twenty climate adaptation projects nominated

    Start of online voting for the community award read more

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    Kenah Cusanit receives the 2024 German Prize for Nature Writing

    read more

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    29 municipalities honoured for their exemplary organic waste collection

    The latest “German Organic Waste Bin Campaign” succeeds in halving the proportion of plastic in separately collected organic waste read more

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    Environmental Monitor 2024: Climate protection measures are having an impact

    Other environmental issues, such as the condition of our water bodies, are still a long way from reaching their targets read more

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    Here's how heat pumps work!

    New internet portal highlights examples of climate-friendly heating read more

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    New German Environment Agency location opened in Cottbus

    Newly founded department will investigate ways to achieve a CO2 -neutral industry read more

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    The German Environment Agency celebrates its 50-year anniversary

    The German Environment Agency celebrates its 50-year anniversary read more

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    Online platform DIVID of the Single-Use Plastics Fund launched

    Users can now register online read more

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    Blue Angel for wood-burning stoves: Dust precipitators can reduce ultrafine particles by 97 percent

    HLNUG investigates the emission of dust and ultrafine particles read more

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    National emissions trading: CO₂ emissions fell by 5.9 per cent in 2022

    However, the building and transport sectors miss targets set by the Climate Protection Act read more

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    Assessment value set for plasticisers in urine

    HBM Commission at the German Environment Agency publishes statement read more

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    Water body of the year 2024 – Shallow coastal waters of the Baltic Sea

    Popular holiday waters not in good status read more

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    Climate emissions fall by 10.1 per cent in 2023 – biggest decline since 1990

    UBA projection: National climate target for 2030 achievable read more

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    Carbon border adjustment mechanism CBAM ensures fair competitive conditions for climate-friendly feedstock production in the EU

    The German Emissions Trading Authority (DEHSt) at the German Environment Agency (UBA) calls on obligated parties to register and submit reports read more

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    Citizens call for more urban greening and depaving to combat heat

    Citizen delegates present their recommendations on climate protection to State Secretary for the Environment Christiane Rohleder read more

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    Consumer protection: Success against greenwashing

    Zalando removes misleading environmental claims from its website read more

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    Social Media: Four out of five influencers violate labelling requirements

    Advertising often not sufficiently labelled read more

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    Climate benefit for electric cars confirmed

    Market share of electric cars must increase rapidly for more climate protection in transport read more

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    Call for entries for the German Prize for Nature Writing 2024

    Authors can submit texts until 10 March 2024 read more

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    50 years of noise protection at the UBA: Noise protection is health protection

    Symposium looks at the current state of the noise issue and research into the effects of noise read more

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    Federal “Blue Compass” award launches in new round of competition

    Innovative projects for climate mitigation and adaptation to the consequences of climate change sought read more

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    Detailed greenhouse gas emissions figures for 2022: Emissions fell by 40 per cent compared to 1990 – EU climate protection targets met

    First official emissions data for 2023 in accordance with the Climate Protection Act to follow in mid-March 2024 read more

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    New record revenue in emissions trading: More than 18 billion euros for climate protection

    Revenue from European and national emissions trade rises by 40 per cent read more

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