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  1. Nitrogen dioxide has serious impact on health
  2. Air quality 2017: Mitigation of nitrogen dioxide pollution still missing the mark
  3. Greenhouse gas emissions rose again in 2016
  4. Reducing the input of antibiotics from agricultural livestock husbandry into the environment
News on Climate | Energy and Economy | Consumption

New EU Innovation Fund: how can it support climate protection?

industrial plant

A research report commissioned by the UBA has analysed a range of options for designing the EU Innovation Fund (IF), a financing instrument created under the EU Emissions Trading System to support demonstration projects for low-carbon innovation in the power sector and industry. From 2019 onwards, this fund will use revenues from auctioning emissions trading allowances for this purpose. read more

Press release on Chemicals

EU identifies Bisphenol A as a substance of very high concern

Reagenzkolben mit Flüssigkeit

The EU has identified the chemical Bisphenol A as a substance of very high concern due to its hormonal effects on animals in the environment. As of January 2018, Bisphenol A has been placed on what is known as the REACH candidate list, not only due to its harmful effects on people but also because of its environmental characteristics. read more

Press release on Economy | Consumption

"Good design has nothing to hide"

Logo: eco Bundespreis ecodesign

"Greenwashing" can often disguise the negative impact of products and services on the environment. But the German Federal Ecodesign Award is different. For the seventh year in a row and until 09 April 2018, companies from all industries and of all sizes as well as designers and students can now submit their ecologically designed products and services. read more

News on Transport | Noise

Climate action: Transport sector must do an immediate about-face

Hybrid-Pkw an einer Stromladesäule

If Germany wants to live up to the requirements of the Paris Climate Agreement, its transport sector must quickly and drastically cut its greenhouse gas emissions. A recently published paper commissioned by the German Environment Agency confirms this conclusion and proposes concrete measures by which emissions can be reduced significantly and ensure that the climate action goals are achieved. read more

Press release on Health

Preventing, detecting and cleaning up mould

Eine Hand mit Gummihandschuh versucht Schimmel an einer Wand mit einem Schwamm zu entfernen

Mould infestation is one of the most frequent problems in indoor space. If it is not cleaned up it can trigger or worsen respiratory diseases such as asthma or cause allergic reaction. The re-edited and updated mould manual (in German) from the German Environment Agency (UBA) shows how to deal with mould in the home, including its prevention, detection and clean-up. read more

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  1. Übersicht zur Entwicklung der energiebedingten Emissionen und Brennstoffeinsätze in Deutschland 1990 – 2016
  2. Dialog mit Expertinnen und Experten zum EU-Rechtsakt für Umweltinspektionen – Austausch über mögliche Veränderungen im Voll-zug des EU-Umweltrechts
  3. Quantifizierung von umweltbedingten Krankheitslasten aufgrund der Stickstoffdioxid-Exposition in Deutschland
  4. The Blue Angel for Stationary Room Air Conditioners – market analysis, technical developments and regulatory framework for criteria development
  5. Wie sehr beeinträchtigt Stickstoffdioxid (NO2) die Gesundheit der Bevölkerung in Deutschland?
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