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UBA and BfN for a green and just transition in Europe

Picture of the Berlaymong building, seat of the European Commission in Brussels

The incoming European Commission should continue an ambitious policy that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pollution, protects biodiversity and distributes the burden fairly. This is the key message of a Scientific Opinion Paper by the German Environment Agency and the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation for EU climate, environmental and biodiversity policy in the years ahead. read more

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Federal Environment Ministry supports preventive health measures in the climate crisis

That's good against heat: a cooling water bag

Today and tomorrow, on World Environment Day, the German Environment Ministry (BMUV), together with the German Environment Agency (UBA), the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) and the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN), will be providing comprehensive information on the health risks and protective measures related to the climate crisis at the Environment Week event. read more

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“Danger Islands”: a new protected area in the Antarctic


To protect the unique Antarctic flora and fauna, Germany is committed to a coherent and representative network of protected areas in the Antarctic. Thanks to a German-American initiative it has now been possible to expand this network. Seven islands at the north-eastern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, the so-called “Danger Islands”, were declared a protected area. read more

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