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  • Conference: Responsibility of businesses towards environment

    How can businesses contribute to a sustainable development? This is the subject of the international conference „Responsibility towards society and the environment: businesses and their due diligence obligations“ on September 19th 2019 in Berlin, hosted by the Federal Environment Ministry, the German Environment Agency and the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection. read more

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    EnviroInfo 2019 – Intern. Conference on Environmental Informatics

    The EnviroInfo 2019 taking place in Kassel from 23rd to 26th September 2019 is an international and interdisciplinary conference on leading environmental information and communication technologies (ICT). The conference will focus on Computational sustainability: ICT methods to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. read more

  • UBA/BDL Workshop “Power-to-Liquid (PtL) in Air Transport”

    Register now: UBA/BDL Workshop “Power-to-Liquid (PtL) in Air Transport” on 8 October 2019 in Brussels. The German Environment Agency (UBA) together with the German Aviation Association (BDL) would like to address the importance of sustainable fuels for the aviation industry as part of a pathway for greener air transport. read more

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    Conference on “Resource-Efficient Decarbonisation Pathways“

    Conference by the German Environment Agency (UBA) on 4-5 November 2019 in Berlin read more

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    Workshop “International Governance of Geoengineering”

    It is a pleasure to invite you to the Workshop “International Governance of Geoengineering”. The Workshop will take place on Monday the 4th and Tuesday the 5th 2019 in Brussels, Place Royale. The workshop wants to provide a forum for policy makers and policy advisers from different branches to inform each other, exchange their views and discuss governance implications. read more

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    INI2020: Conference of the International Nitrogen Initiative

    8th Global Nitrogen Conference of the International Nitrogen Initiative in 2020 (INI2020) under the overarching theme “Nitrogen and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals” read more

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