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  1. Level of packaging consumption in Germany remains very high
  2. Environmental performance of agriculture sector: still too many nutrients and chemicals
  3. Drinking water in Germany again rated "very good"
  4. BMU and UBA launch National Sustainable Urban Logistics Contest
News on Chemicals

Online survey: Chemicals in consumer goods

Yellow rubber ducks

A number of chemical substances are harmful to man and the environment. The EU LIFE project AskREACH has launched an online survey on Substances of Very High Concern in articles, available for both consumers and employees in companies which produce or sell consumer products. read more

Press release on Climate | Energy and Sustainability | Strategies | International matters

How cities can respond to heat waves and heavy rains – creative projects show how it is done

Gewinner des Wettbewerbs "Blauer Kompass" 2018 auf der Bühne im Bundesumweltministerium

This year's winners of the Blauer Kompass contest: an innovative urban sewage system in Solingen, an educational programme on climate change for trainees in Heidelberg, a project to green a city neighbourhood in Cologne, and a shade provider operated with photovoltaic modules by the Kunsthochschule Kassel. read more

News on Soil | Agriculture

Environment and agriculture – Overview for Germany

Ein Feld mit Gräsern und Blüten

More than half of Germany's surface area is used for agriculture. Agriculture thus is the largest land user in Germany and a significant contributor to environmental stress. On the other hand, agriculture is also affected, for example, by the effects of climate change. In the flyer "Environment and agriculture 2018" UBA presents key facts about agriculture and environment. read more

News on Waste | Resources

UBA welcomes EU proposal on single use plastics

eine Strandkrabbe sitzt in der Öffnung einer halben leeren Plastikflasche, die am Strand als Müll liegt

The European Commission issued a legislative proposal with seven measures for reducing waste on European beaches. The main aim of the proposal is to reduce the input of the most frequent plastic waste categories (top litter items). These are mainly single-use products such as food containers, cups, plastic bottles and cigarette butts, but also balloon sticks. read more

News on Water and Sustainability | Strategies | International matters

EU Stakeholders discuss requirements for water reuse

irrigation of a field

The use of treated wastewater, e.g. for agricultural irrigation, can alleviate pressures on water resources. At the same time it poses risks as treated wastewater can contain pathogens and chemicals. By May 2018 the European Commission wants to publish a regulatory proposal for requirements. UBA President Krautzberger and EU Parliamentarian Wölken invited for a discussion on 22 March in Brussels. read more

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The Umweltbundesamt

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