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  1. Stricter environmental standards for raw material supply necessary
  2. Nitrogen dioxide loads in Germany down slightly in 2018
  3. Slight decline in greenhouse gas emissions in Germany in 2017
  4. Expert group: New housing creation campaign must become greener
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Aligning EU Climate Policy with the Paris Agreement

Planet Earth

According to the IPCC, global warming must be limited to 1.5 degrees Celsius in order to mitigate the risks. An UBA position paper outlines how the EU climate policy could be aligned with this goal. Already by 2020, the parties to the Paris Agreement are to submit their updated national climate contribution to limit global warming. Up to now, far less has been promised than would be necessary. read more

News on Climate | Energy

How does emissions trading work?

Screenshot aus dem gezeichneten Kurzfilm: Zu sehen ist ein Kraftwerk, das Geld für Emissionsberechtigungen zahlt.

Why is there a trade in or with emissions? Who specifies the framework conditions and how does emissions trading actually work? An explanatory film gives short and concise answers to these questions and explains the contribution of emissions trading to climate protection. read more

Press release on Climate | Energy

Electricity made regionally

Windpark, Rapsfeld und unbestellter Acker

Starting 1 January 2019 every household has the opportunity to drive the transformation of the energy system. The new guarantees of regional origin register makes it possible to issue guarantees of origin for electricity produced from renewable sources of energy. End customers will be able to verify that their electricity is produced in their region, for example by the nearby wind turbine. read more

Press release on Chemicals

Rodent control involves risks for man and the environment

ein Rattenschatten an der Wand

The use of poisonous bait to control rats and mice can lead to an unintentional poisoning of pets and wild animals. In addition, most of the chemical substances used are very persistent in the environment and accumulate in organisms. A large number of risk mitigation measures must be taken to prevent these occurrences, for example the use of bait stations. read more

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The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment