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Overview of application forms

Please fill in the form carefully. This will make both our and your work easier and also speed up the procedure.What this means for you is to fill out application forms completely, without references to applications from previous years, and with an anticipatory eye. This includes stating the permit period, the work or travel area, any intended activities or scientific work (such as sampling), incl... read more

Sustainability | Strategies | International matters

Yachting in Antarctica

a private yacht in the Antarctic

Yachting expeditions to the Antarctic are an option for those with a taste for something a bit more adventurous, hands-on and in a more personal atmosphere. Journeys on commercial vessels which travel to the region every season are very popular. It is also a lifelong dream come true for owners of sailing or motor yachts to travel to Antarctica with their own boats. read more

The Umweltbundesamt

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