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Collection and Analysis of Data on Occurrence, Distribution and Abundance of Cetaceans in the Southern Ocean Following International Standards

Multiple methods to observe cetaceans in Antarctic waters were concurrently conducted during two expeditions of RV Polarstern in the Antarctic summers of 2008/9 (ANT25-2) and 2010/11 (ANT27-2). The Institute for Terrestrial and Aquatic Wildlife Research (ITAW) conducted aerial (helicopter) as well as ship-board (crow's nest) distance sampling Surveys and a Tracking study. Concurrently, the Alfred-Wegener-Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) tested an infrared camera for the automated detection of whale blows and additionally evaluated opportunistic cetacean sighting data logged by the bridge personnel of RV Polarstern (WALOG). Besides providing data contributing to the knowledge on cetacean distribution and their density in the Southern Ocean, all methods were to be evaluated for their use with respect to mitigation efforts that will be a requirement for future seismic investigations potentially conducted from board of the research vessel. Additionally, a concept for biological monitoring on opportunistic platforms was developed in order to optimise and standardise future cetacean assessments in the Antarctic.

Texte | 03/2016
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Dr. Helena Herr, Sacha Viquerat, Linn Sophia Lehnert, Prof. Dr. Ursula Siebert
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