The Vice-President of the UBA Dr. Thomas Holzmann in the atrium of the UBA office building in Dessau-RoßlauClick to enlarge
The Vice-President of the UBA Dr. Thomas Holzmann
Source: Steffen Proske

Dr. Thomas Holzmann is Vice-President of the German Environment Agency (UBA).

The vice-president is the president’s permanent deputy. He is the chairman of the German Environment Agency’s environment and occupational health and safety committees. The Central Steering, the Occupational Health and Safety Officer, the IT Security Officer and the Environmental Management Officer, inter alia, report directly to him.

Dr. Thomas Holzmann is Doctor of law, since 1990 Member of the Federal Environment Agency’s management and since 2002 the vice-president.

German Environment Agency

The impact of climate change will be felt more strongly in the future – and in Germany too. This is the conclusion reached in what is called the vulnerability analysis, a comprehensive study on Germany's vulnerability to climate change.



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