International activities in and around the Antarctic

Despite its remote location, it can become almost busy in the Antarctic in some places and at certain times: research, tourism and logistics support for activities all leave their footprint. It is not always necessary to be present in person to preserve the uniqueness of the Antarctic. A lot of work of administrative nature in particular is done outside the Treaty territory.

The protection of the Antarctic is an international task which the respective national competent bodies of the member states take on jointly on the basis of the Antarctic Treaty System. Also NGOs such as the Antarctic Ocean Alliance or the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO) aim to preserve the unique ecosystem of the Antarctic.

The UBA is heavily involved in this international work. Its staff attends the ATCMs and CEP meetings or participates in inspections and various observer missions in the Antarctic. UBA commissions environmental research and is involved in the CEP's Intersessional Contact Groups to promote exchange of experience between the Parties to the Treaty. Furthermore, UBA acts as general coordinator of the reports on German activities in the Antarctic to the other Parties to the Treaty.

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