Parties' reporting obligations

Which Party is operating which station and what is its exact location? Who is dispatching research vessels in which region? Which cruise ship is following which route? How are the Parties managing waste, how are they avoiding marine pollution, and how is their compliance with the Protocol on Environmental Protection? The Contracting Parties must report this and other information once a year.

The Act Implementing the Protocol on Environmental Protection (AIEP) requires Germany to submit an annual report to the other Contracting Parties through the Foreign Office. This report contains information about activities in Antarctica which originate in Germany. It contains three parts:

  1. "Pre-Season Information" which lists all activities planned in the upcoming Antarctic season.
  2.  "Annual Report", which reports on the past season,
  3. "Permanent Information", which contains all steady activities and information.

The reports cover all the activities under the national Antarctic programmes on research, station operation or research vessel expeditions. The report also lists the routes of tourist vessels and activities and contains other environmental information and reports on measures taken to manage and protect specific areas. The annual report also compiles information on environmental impact analyses and environmental impact assessments which have been carried out, relevant national legislation, measures for the prevention of marine pollution, and compliance with the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty. The permanent information shows which country is operating which stations, vessels and aircraft, the waste management measures implemented, and which emergency plans exist. The report is updated every year in accordance with statutory requirement.

The individual reports of the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Parties can be found at the Antarctic Treaty Secretariat (ATS).