Nitrogen dioxide

The main sources of the air pollutant nitrogen dioxide are combustion processes in the industrial and energy production sectors, and road transport. Nitrogen dioxide affects the respiratory mucous membrane and influences the respiratory function.

In conjunction with hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides are responsible for summertime ozone production. Furthermore they contribute to the over-fertilisation and acidification of soils and water bodies. In wintertime, ammonium nitrate particles are formed from nitrogen oxides and contribute to the pollution by particulate matter.

Limit values

For nitrogen dioxide, an hourly limit value of 200 µg/m3 for protection of human health was established which may not to be exceeded more than 18 times per calendar year. The annual limit value for nitrogen dioxide amounts to 40 µg/m3.

Nitrogen dioxide - Annual tabulation

Here the annual tabulations from 2001 onwards can be found (station-by-station).

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