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Petrol contains benzene which is carcinogenic.
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Benzene is an organic, chemical compound with an aromatic odour. It is carcinogenic and a content of petrol.

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Emission sources

Formerly refueling was an important benzene emission source. This problem was solved by gas displacement techniques. Nevertheless, road traffic is the main emission source for benzene which is content of the car exhausts.



Health risks

When taking up benzene chronically benzene damages the inner organs and the bone marrow. Also little amounts are critical because benzene and its products of catabolism can cause cancer.


Air quality standards

There is an Europe-wide limit value of 5 µg/m³ as annual mean that is valid since 1 January 2010.


Benzene - Annual tabulation

Here the annual tabulations from 2000 onwards can be found (station-by-station).

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