Waste statistics

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Waste paper bins and stacks of paper destined for recycling
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Reliable statistics compiled at regular intervals are an invaluable monitoring tool both in Germany and in the EU in general, in that they allow for the evaluation of current rules and for new environmental policy decisions to be made.

Statistical data

The compiling, processing and issuance of statistical data is governed by the Environmental Statistics Act (UStatG). Such data meets the requirements of European and international law and forms the basis for environmental policy decision-making. The UStatG law sets forth the spheres of responsibility, scope and nature of the environmental statistics that, by law, are to be gathered at regular intervals in Germany. Current data is issued by the Federal Statistical Office (Statistisches Bundesamt) at 18 month intervals, at the end of each reporting year (a selection of such data is available via the links).

Apart from this data, the UBA compiles its own information concerning specific waste streams in Germany; the publications available via the links contain statistical data and waste management information in this regard. 

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