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Indicator: Amount of waste – municipal waste

A graph shows the amount of municipal waste from 2002 to 2019. During this period the amount fell from 52.8 million tonnes to 50.6 million tonnes.

The volume of municipal waste fluctuates only slightly over time. In 2020 it stood at 51.0 million tonnes.The target of environmental policy is to decouple the amount of waste from economic growth.This target has been achieved. However, to reduce resource consumption, municipal waste has to decline further. read more

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Statistics concerning transfrontier shipment of waste

Development of the import and export of hazardous waste and other restricted waste 1995-2008

German government statistics concerning transfrontier shipment of wastes show that such transactions mainly involve neighboring countries, with the lion’s share of waste originating from the relevant border regions. The mean transport distance between the location at which waste originates and its recovery or disposal destination is less than 500 kilometers. read more

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Waste statistics

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Reliable statistics compiled at regular intervals are an invaluable monitoring tool both in Germany and in the EU in general, in that they allow for the evaluation of current rules and for new environmental policy decisions to be made. read more

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