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Tourism Industry
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2019 Monitoring Report on the German Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change

Tourism industry

Germany’s tourism industry is a lucrative sector with high turnover, and consequently, its economic importance should not be underrated. In 2015 the demand for goods and services in tourism – regardless of any indirect or induced effects – produced a gross value added totalling 105 billion Euros.67 The structure of the tourism sector is characterised by medium-sized businesses and composed of accommodation and catering businesses, travel agencies, tour organisers, companies providing touring and transport services as well as operators of tourism infrastructures or centres in the fields of sports, culture, health and wellness. Federal Länder, administrative districts or municipalities engage in tourism in the endeavour to position their region or location as a desirable destination in the tourist market. On the other side of the equation are the interests of travellers or people seeking relaxation who make enquiries about the products and services on offer.

The discussion on the potential impacts of climate change on Germany’s tourism industry is focused on potential impacts on various destinations, above all the coasts and winter sports regions. Another focus is the travel pattern of German and international holidaymakers who, apart from many other factors, are assumed to consider, for instance, the climatic conditions and relevant changes when they decide where to travel. In view of the great variety of factors influencing a travel booking decision, it is not easy to ascertain to what extent climatic changes might play a role.

Considering the wide spectrum of supply and demand in tourism, there can be no comprehensive nationwide answer to the question regarding the nature of the challenges climate change may pose for the German tourism industry in future. Impacts will vary considerably between regions and depending on the type of travel offerings.

67 - BMWi (Hrsg.) 2017: Wirtschaftsfaktor Tourismus in Deutschland – Kennzahlen einer umsatzstarken Querschnittsbranche. Ergebnisbericht. Berlin, 52 S.

Effects of climate change

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Are holiday seasons shifting? (TOU-I-6)

Are Germans changing their travel pattern? (TOU-I-7)

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