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Climate Impacts and Adaptation

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Debates sometimes give the impression that climate change is still a problem of the future and hardly has any effects in Germany. Yet far-reaching climate changes are already noticeable today - even in this country. In the future, climate change and its impacts will increase even more. For that reason it is extremely important to adapt in a timely and efficient manner.

Also a result of Climate Change: the risk of flood is increasing.

Impacts of climate change

Climate change will alter the world in which we live. It has manifold effects on nature, society and economy, and thereby also on our everyday lives. These effects are referred to as climate impacts. The impacts of climate change are already noticeable today. Striking examples are melting glaciers, changes in the behaviour of migratory birds or an early spring. read more

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Why we adapt to climate change

The climate has already changed. Climate change is noticeable in Germany, too. Extreme weather events such as heat waves or heavy precipitation have become more frequent and severe. The hot summer of 2003 is just one of many examples. This trend is bound to increase in the future. Climate change adaptation enables to deal with climate change impacts and benefit from its potential opportunities. read more

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„KomPass - Climate Impacts and Adaptation in Germany“ has set itself the task to promote climate change adaptation in Germany and Europe. It points out sustainable approaches and gives an impetus to the development of a society and environment that is adapted to climate change. read more


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