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Are you interested in news regarding climate adaption and the consequences of climate change? Whether it is a new publication, research result or event: here you can find all current topics. Furthermore, stay up-to-date with our KomPass newsletter.

Pipelines on a factory site

Climate risk analysis and adaptation in companies

A robust climate risk and vulnerability assessment is the basis for systematic management of physical climate risks. To this end, the EU taxonomy sets out detailed requirements for companies. The German Environment Agency provides recommendations for carrying out a such climate risk and vulnerability assessment which is legally compliant. read more


The transnational impacts of global climate change

Climate change will affect the frequency, intensity and regional occurrence of extreme weather events and lead to gradual climatic changes. Although impacts appear locally at first, they spread beyond political borders due to the global physical and economic interconnectedness. A new UBA report provides an overview of the potential impact chains of global climate change on the German economy. read more

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