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Press release from | No. 03/2020

German Sustainable Building Award launched

moderner Holzbau mit Flachdach im Grünen

The new award for sustainable buildings, neighbourhoods and ecological innovation will be awarded in 2020 for the first time and aims to distinguish projects that are exemplary role models of sustainability, not only in the classic areas of building stock and new build, but also in five further categories. All stakeholders in the building sector are eligible to enter. read more

Press release from | No. 01/2020

Professor Dirk Messner is new President of the German Environment Agency

Dirk Messner

On 1st January, Professor Dirk Messner succeeded Maria Krautzberger, who had held the office for five years and retired at the end of last year. Federal Environment Minister Schulze congratulated the internationally renowned sustainability researcher at his inauguration, attended by staff of the German Environment Agency in Dessau. read more

Press release from | No. 53/2019

2019 record: Electricity production from renewable sources is now greater than coal

Bild zu Windkraftanlagen als Alternative für die Energieerzeugung im Kaliningrader Gebiet

Power production from renewable sources energy grew significantly by eight percent in 2019 and now covers 42 percent of power consumption. It was the first year in which the share of electricity from renewable energy was greater than that of all the lignite and hard coal power plants together. But: An historic low in wind power expansion does slow future growth. read more

Press release from | No. 52/2019

Climate-neutral travel: Federal Government offsets its business travel

business travellers in an airport

The Federal Government offsets all of its business travel greenhouse gas emissions. It tracks the emissions of the car trips and air travel of the staff of 116 ministries and federal agencies and offsets their impact through high-standard international climate action projects. read more

Press release from | No. 50/2019

Nitrogen surplus from agriculture has been excessive for 20 years

Ein Traktor bringt Gülle auf einem Feld aus

The agriculture sector has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to reducing its nitrogen inputs, say the latest nitrogen soil surface budgets of the German Environment Agency (UBA) which are based on data up to 2017. The average nitrogen surplus of the nitrogen soil surface budget is 77 kg per hectare (kg/ha) and has remained virtually constant for more than 20 years. read more

Press release from | No. 49/2019

Soil of the Year 2020: Intertidal Flat Soil

Bildmontage des Wattbodens mit einzelnen Bodenschichten im Untergrund

5 December is World Soil Day, an initiative by the United Nations to focus attention on the importance of natural resources. Germany has named a Soil of the Year every year since 2005. Intertidal flat soils are Soil of the Year 2020. read more


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