The following is a collection of the projects undertaken. You find the publications that published, provided that they are not directly linked, in the below list.

  • Effects of repeated pesticide applications in apple crops on aquatic ecosystems


  • Effects on a fungal leave litter community under pesticide stress

    Master thesis Anne Talk, Goethe-University, Frankfurt a.M. in cooperation with Prof. M. Schloter, Helmholtz Institute Munich, 2013

  • Influence of the biocide terbutryn on photosynthesis rate of Myriophyllum spicatum in different test systems

    Master thesis Ireen Werner, Humboldt University Berlin in cooperation with Prof. Hilt, IGB Berlin, 2013

  • Relevance of effects of repellents (product type 19) and other infochemicals for non-target organisms in surface waters

    FKZ 3712674171 AL-Luhnstedt; FKZ 3712674172, Prof. von Elert, Universität Köln

    Infochemical effects of repellents in surface waters

  • Distribution of morbiferous mosquitos in relation to climate change

    in cooperation with Dr. R. Mueller, Goethe-University, Frankfurt a.M., 2012-2013

  • Effects of triclosan on aquatic communities in pond mesocosms (in German)

    UBA 2011

    Effekte des Bakteriozids Triclosan auf Teichbiozönosen

  • Effects of herbicides with different modes of action on macrophytes in pond microcosms

    FU Berlin, UBA, 2010

  • Effects of BT corn on shredder activity of macrozoobenthos

    TU Dresden, UBA, 2010

  • Effects of light pollution on stream fauna

    IGB Berlin, UBA. 2009-2010

  • Leave-decomposition at different levels of insecticide contamination

    Dresden University of Technology, UBA 2009

    Shredder activity of caged gammarus roeseli measured in situ

  • Structural changes in a macrozoobenthos community following imidacloprid pulses in aquatic field-based microcosms

    Free University Berlin, Melbourne Water Australia,UBA 2009

  • Simulation of insecticide pulses in artificial stream mesocosms

    UBA, 2009

  • Investigations on drift of invertebrates as endpoint in mesocosm studies

    UBA 2006-2008

    Untersuchungen zum Driftverhalten von Makroinvertebraten als Endpunkt für Effektstudienin Fließgewässer-Mesokosmen

  • Effects of the biocide irgarol on freshwater snails and the water slater

    UBA, LimnoMar, University of Frankfurt am Main, 2005-2009

  • Pigment analyses of aufwuchs in pond mesososms under the influence of the antifouling biocide irgarol (in German)

    UBA, Humboldt University Berlin 2005

    Link to Study

  • Effects of the antifouling biocide irgarol on the biocoenosis of pond mesocosms

    UBA 2005

  • Effects of the herbicide metazachlor on aquatic macrophytes in flowing- and stagnant-water mesocosms

    UBA, Free University of Berlin, Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, IGB, Berlin 2003

  • Acute and chronic effects of the herbicide metazachlor on micro-algae in various test systems

    UBA, University of Hamburg, UFZ Leipzig 2003

  • Suitability of the great pond snail Lymnaea stagnalis for the Multispecies Freshwater Biomonitor (MFB)®

    UBA, University of Applied Sciences in Mittweida, LimCo International 2003

  • Effect study on the herbicide metazachlor in stream and pond mesocosms

    UBA 2003

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  • Methods for detecting deactivation of viruses in bathing water. Investigations for better understanding of virus transport as an important contribution for risk assessment

    UBA/II 1.4 2009-2011, project proposal forwarded to the German Research Foundation (DFG))

  • ■Effect of environmental factors on microbial indicators and pathogenic agents

    UBA 2002

    Link to Themenseite Umwelthygiene