Simulation of plastic degradation under wave stress in a modified stream outdoor mesocosm of the FSA

Actual projectsProject Partner of EU AQUACOSM-plus Project (Network of mesocosm facilities, https://www.aquacosm.eu/, 2020-2023AQUCOSM-plus Project PeriFlush: Effects of flushing events and benthic invertebrate community on periphyton biofilms - structural and functional characteristics (Dr. Flavia Tromboni, University of Nevada, USA, 2021)BMBF joined research project ENSURE – Development of new p... read more



2021Sahm (geb. Gergs), R.: Ecological concepts of complex trophic interactions – bottom-up and top-down regulation of food web and community structures. Vortrag, SETAC Europe 2021.König, F., Wiesner, Y., Ricking, M., Bdenarz, M., Kerndorff, A., Bannick, C.G., Braun, U., Schmidt, R. Meinecke, M.: Fragmentation of plastic food-packaging objects in semi-terrestrial zones. Poster, SETAC Europe, 2021.C... read more


Artificial stream and pond system

Hall and grounds with artificial guttering

The artificial stream and pond system (“Fließ- und Stillgewässer-Simulationsanlage” – FSA) of the German Federal Environment Agency’s field station in Berlin-Marienfelde is one of the largest and most modern mesocosm systems in the world. read more


Effect study "Irgarol"

Pigment analyses of aufwuchs (biological surface film) in stagnant water mesocosms under the effect of the anti-fouling agent Irgarol®Irgarol® is in the group of s-triazines and a biocidal agent which is used as an anti-fouling coating for marine vessels to prevent the attachment of algae and organisms on their hulls. Irgarol inhibits photosynthesis and is highly toxic for higher plants, algae and... read more



The following is a collection of the projects undertaken. You find the publications that published, provided that they are not directly linked, in the below list. read more


Visiting and directions

Two-storey square building with wooden façade and solar panels on the roof

Öffentliche Besichtigungen der FSA für Gruppen sind möglich. Bitte setzen sie sich mit unserem Sekretariat zwecks Terminabsprache in Verbindung.Eine Besichtigung der FSA ist für Gruppen ab 5 Personen nach Anmeldung möglich.StandardprogrammKurzvortrag und Besichtigung: Dauer ca. 90 min.Ergänzende Fachvorträge zu Projektthemen sind auf Wunsch möglich.Publikationen zur FSA, sofern nicht unter Publika... read more



Retention of substances (sediments, nutrients, pollutants) in river flood meadowsIn 2002 and 2003, a working group of the Institute for Geographical Sciences at the Free University (FU) Berlin carried out a study on matter retention in river flood meadows. The background for this study was the renaturation of rivers and river flood meadows, something, which has become very topical following the re... read more


Fate-Study MTBE

Behaviour of volatile substances in flowing watersAfter being discharged into runoff ditches, organic chemicals are subjected, in manifold processes, to transformation, enrichment and elimination. Volatilisation from the water body is one of the major elimination processes by which specific chemicals are irreversibly removed from aquatic ecosystems. Studies have shown that quantification of volati... read more

The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment