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Artificial stream and pond system



Simulation of plastic degradation under wave stress in a modified stream outdoor mesocosm of the FSA

Actual projectsPreliminary study on the fragmentation behavior of plastics under wave stress in a stream mesocosm (in cooperation with University Osnabrück; 2015- 2018)Project partner of EU AQUACOSM project (network of mesocosm facilities,, 2017-2020)AQUACOSM project WIPE – Weathering of polymeric particles in semi terrestrial environments - a mesocosm study with PVC and o... read more



2018Ranke, J., Wöltjen, J., Meinecke, S.: Comparison of software tools for kinetic evaluation of chemical degradation data. In: Environmental Sciences Europe 30: 17 (2018)., M., Schneider, M., Hellmann, C., Becker, J., Winkelmann, C. and Gergs, R.: Is the invasive amphipod Dikerogammarus villosus the main factor structuring the benthic community acr... read more


Artificial stream and pond system

Hall and grounds with artificial guttering

The artificial stream and pond system (“Fließ- und Stillgewässer-Simulationsanlage” – FSA) of the German Federal Environment Agency’s field station in Berlin-Marienfelde is one of the largest and most modern mesocosm systems in the world. read more



The following is a collection of the projects undertaken. You find the publications that published, provided that they are not directly linked, in the below list. read more


Visiting and directions

Two-storey square building with wooden façade and solar panels on the roof

Öffentliche Besichtigungen der FSA für Gruppen sind möglich. Bitte setzen sie sich mit unserem Sekretariat zwecks Terminabsprache in Verbindung.Eine Besichtigung der FSA ist für Gruppen ab 5 Personen nach Anmeldung möglich.StandardprogrammKurzvortrag und Besichtigung: Dauer ca. 90 min.Ergänzende Fachvorträge zu Projektthemen sind auf Wunsch möglich.Publikationen zur FSA, sofern nicht unter Publika... read more


Effect study

In June 2003, an experiment of the effect of Metazachlor on aquatic populations was carried out in the indoor stream and pond mesocosms by the Umweltbundesamt. Metazachlor, a herbicide, belongs to the family of alpha-chloracetamides and is used, among other things, to keep grasses and weeds in the cultivation of rape, cabbage and soy beans under control. Even when applied in the appropriate manner... read more


Initial plant tests (calibration phase)

The main objectives of the test phase (calibration phase) were to ensure that the plant’s basic functions were working properly, as well as to define key parameters. The experiences are documented in a technical-scientific manual, which will help researchers to become familiar with the opportunities offered by the FSA and provide important information for the planning of projects in the future. Du... read more



Graph of the individual components of artificial stream and pond system: measuring stage, ponds, platform ponds, channels, work platform Groove, screw pump, control room, online instruments

The basic components of the artificial stream and pond system: Work platformControl roomMeasuring platformMeasurement technologyStreamsScrew pumpsPonds read more


The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment