Resource use in Germany

Genutzte Rohstoffentnahme in den deutschen Bundesländern 2015Click to enlarge
Used raw material extraction in the German federal states 2015
Source: The use of natural resources. Report for Germany 2018

In 2015, 1,040 million tonnes were extracted in Germany. Across the federal states, extraction is very unevenly distributed. In absolute terms, extraction is concentrated within a few of the larger federal states.

„Resource use in Germany“ is the title of a UBA research project, which analysed developments in German raw material consumption and other indicators. The project examined the manifold interlinkages between resource extraction, resource consumption and economic development. The aim of the project was the overall scientific conception and elaboration of a regular UBA resource report. The first resources report was published in November 2016 under the title „The Use of Natural Resources. Report for Germany 2016”. The second report followed in November 2018.

This UBA Resource Reports focus on renewable and non-renewable raw materials, and the themes covered range from raw material extraction and trade to the use of raw materials in the German economic system and material consumption. Other resources, such as water, land or flow resources, are the focus of a separate chapter. In order to provide a comprehensive picture, the report is not limited in scope to a national perspective but includes an in-depth account of international aspects, covering issues such as supply security and indirect raw material use.

The research project has started in 2014 and will last until 2022. The next UBA resource report is planned for 2022. The project “Resource use in Germany” is closely related to the German Resource Efficiency Programme (ProgRess) and its update in March 2016 and 2020 (forthcomming) by the German Federal Cabinet.

Research project „Resource use in Germany“
: October 2014 – August 2022
Research number: FKZ 3714 93 105 0, 3719 31 1050
Contractor: Vienna University of Economics and Business, Institute for Ecological Economics, ifeu Heidelberg GmbH, Gerda Palmetshofer
Dr. Stephan Lutter, Vienna University, eMail: stephan [dot] lutter [at] wu [dot] ac [dot] at
Christopher Manstein, German Environment Agency (UBA), email: christopher [dot] manstein [at] uba [dot] de

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