Resource use in Germany

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Extraction and usage of raw materials is often associated with negative impacts on the environment.
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In 2019, German consumption of raw materials totalled 1,328 million tonnes, or 16 tonnes per capita. This represents only a slight change in the trend up to 2018. In 2019, raw material consumption in Germany will fall slightly. German raw material consumption will also fall slightly in 2020 and 2021.

The German Environment Agency has been publishing a report on the use of natural resources in Germany since 2016. After 2016 and 2018, a new "Resource Report for Germany" was compiled and published in 2022.

The UBA resource report examines statistical key figures and trends in the "thematic field of resource and raw material use", analyses and discusses the diverse relationships between resource extraction, resource consumption and economic development and summarises individual subtopics. The current report deals with around 30 resource-related sub-topics in a modular fashion.

The focus is on analysing and examining renewable and non-renewable raw materials. A distinction is made between the four main raw material groups "non-metallic minerals", "biomass", "metal ores" and "fossil fuels". Further chapters deal with the utilisation of the natural resources "water" and "land", the consideration of the interfaces between individual resource categories ("nexus") and the "environmental impact of raw material extraction".

The resource report is aimed at a specialist audience and interested parties from the fields of business, civil society, including education, as well as politics and administration. On the one hand, the report is intended to serve as a source of data information and a reference work; on the other hand, it provides arguments for scientific policy advice and the development of measures for ecologically sustainable resource management.

The preparation of the resource report is accompanied by research work in which important scientific foundations are laid. With the Resource Report 2022, a separate research report on the data basis and accompanying materials (accompanying text and Power Point) were also published (see "Publications" menu).

The next resource report is planned for 2026. The research work for this will begin in early 2024.

Research project „Resource use in Germany“ (German Resource Report)
: 2014 – 2027
Research number: FKZ 3714931050, 3719311050, 3724317020
Contractor (since 2024): Vienna University of Economics and Business, Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment, Energy