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Rebound effects

Efficiency increase oftentimes reduces product or service costs, which can in turn ramp up consumption (due to reduced prices), thus partly canceling out the original savings. This is known as the rebound effect. read more

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Resource conservation and environmental policy

shiny metal waste

Resource use and the competition for scarce resources such as clean water, land and raw materials are on the rise worldwide, while at the same time worldwide environmental problems such as climate change, soil degradation and biodiversity loss are worsening. Hence resource stewardship and efficient resource use are one of the main challenges we face today and are a key environmental policy issue. read more

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Ecofriendly abiotic resource extraction

Truck and excavator for the degradation abiotic raw materials

Increasing amounts of abiotic resources are being extracted with each passing year. These elements are converted into or used to make raw materials, with the aim of meeting growing worldwide demand. In increasingly ecologically sensitive areas, this evolution is exacerbating worldwide environmental problems such as climate change, soil degradation, and biodiversity loss. read more

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Economic impact

Oil storage tanks at the port

Greater resource efficiency is good not only for the environment, but also for the economy, in terms of lower materials costs, less dependency on raw materials imports, and lower waste management expenditures. read more

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Economic and legal dimensions of resource conservation

brown coal mining

In order to conserve resources successfully, we need laws and economic conditions that promote resource efficiency and reduce resource use. The goal is to increase economic opportunity through measures such as cost reductions. At the same time protection against increasing raw material prices and extreme price fluctuations is required. read more


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