Introduction to Climate Projections

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Climate projections provide information on possible future climate changes.
Source: Susanne Kambor

Climate projections provide information about possible future climate developments. They constitute an important basis to gain information about climate impacts and possible adaptation options. Climate projections are the result of the application of climate models that are based on emission and concentration scenarios.

What are climate projections used for?

Climate projections are important for assessing possible climate changes and evaluating the resulting risks and opportunities. They thus help to develop and plan adaptation measures for different sectors or regions. There are a number of different organizations that have already produced regional climate projections for Germany. The support of model developments through various BMBF research programs, such as Euro-Cordex and ReKlies-DE, plays an outstanding role.

Data and information on climate projections for Germany are available from the German Climate Computing Center:, for example the data from the ReKliEs-De-project (Regional Climate Projections Ensemble for Germany).

Availability of climate projection data

Terms of Use for the REMO and WETTREG models:

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Notes for users

The release of the raw data via the CERA database is free of charge. The WDCC and the MPI-M and CEC Potsdam are in charge of consulting on access and providing initial user information. Please note: Additional advice and services can be billed if appropriate. Requests can be submitted via the addresses provide for consultation purposes.

User information on the REMO and WETTREG models