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climate change impacts

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Impacts of climate change

Also a result of Climate Change: the risk of flood is increasing.

Climate change will alter the world in which we live. It has manifold effects on nature, society and economy, and thereby also on our everyday lives. These effects are referred to as climate impacts. The impacts of climate change are already noticeable today. Striking examples are melting glaciers, changes in the behaviour of migratory birds or an early spring. read more

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Expected Climate Changes

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The term “climate change” describes any change in the climate or the climate parameters over time. Climate changes can be described by a modification of the mean value or the fluctuation range of climatic characteristics over a long period of time (usually three decades). read more

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Introduction to Climate Projections

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Climate projections provide information about possible future climate developments. They constitute an important basis to gain information about climate impacts and possible adaptation options. Climate projections are the result of the application of climate models that are based on emission and concentration scenarios. read more

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Climate change

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Global mean surface air temperature has risen gradually since the age of industrialisation. It is now accepted as scientifically proven that we humans are responsible for a significant part of this increase. Hence one speaks of anthropogenic, or man-made, climate change. read more


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