KomPass - Climate Impacts and Adaptation in Germany

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Adaptation tools

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Climate change adaptation entails several challenges. In order to provide orientation and information about the opportunities and risks for you, your municipality or company, the German Federal Environmental Agency provides a number of tools. read more

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Risks and potential for adaptation

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What are the risks associated with the effects of climate change in Germany? What are the options for adaptation? What areas require immediate action? The Climate Impact and Risk Assessment 2021 (KWRA) – the most comprehensive risk and impact analysis for Germany to date – provides answers to these questions. read more

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Adaptation at EU level

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The impacts of climate change are clearly felt in Europe. Efforts to adapt to climate change are thus becoming increasingly important. The EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change, adopted in 2021, has defined ambitious targets to address the growing need for action. read more

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Introduction to Climate Projections

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Climate projections provide information about possible future climate developments. They constitute an important basis to gain information about climate impacts and possible adaptation options. Climate projections are the result of the application of climate models that are based on emission and concentration scenarios. read more

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KomPass Projects

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One of the main tasks of KomPass is to supervise the implementation and further development of the German Adaptation Strategy and to identify ways towards a resilient society. With projects – some of which are presented here – KomPass is working on this goal: these address the definition of policy objectives, the implementation of measures or the evaluation of strategies. read more

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