Adaptation tools

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Several tools exist for dealing with climate change adaptation.
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Climate change adaptation entails several challenges. In order to provide orientation and information about the opportunities and risks for you, your company or municipality, the German Federal Environmental Agency and various other stakeholders provide a number of tools. They help to assess the impacts of climate change, minimise risks and seize opportunities.

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Tools of „KomPass - Climate Impacts and Adaptation in Germany“

Climate Navigator:
The Climate Navigator (“Klimalotse”) offers step-by-step guidance on the development of adaptation strategies for cities and municipalities. Depending on requirements, an adaptation strategy can be developed with the help of the Climate Navigator, an integrated climate protection and adaptation strategy can be created or individual measures for adapting to the impacts of climate change can be planned and supported in their implementation. With tips, background information, templates, examples and references to further sources, the climate pilot offers comprehensive and practical assistance. It supports dealing with heat, heavy rain and floods as well as other climate impacts. The Climate Navigator is available in German.

The “Tatenbank” (deeds bank) introduces exemplary adaptation measures of different stakeholders. It provides all interested parties with a forum for an independent registration of adaptation projects and to receive suggestions for effective action. The data base focuses on local and regional measures that have already been carried out or are currently being implemented in Germany.
The Tatenbank is in German language.

Projects and studies:
"Projects and Studies" provide an overview of the research landscape on the subject of the impacts of climate change and adaptation to these consequences. The project catalog documents scientific projects from Germany and selected international projects that generate basic knowledge on the subject of ⁠Adaptation to climate change⁠. It is available in German and English. The catalog of climate studies gives the user a systematic overview of the current state of knowledge on the expected climate impacts in Germany. Some studies are available in English.


German Climate Preparedness Portal

Your guide to climate services of the government and federal states: The KliVO Portal collects data and information concerning climate change as well as services for a target-oriented adaption to the effects of climate change. Regardless of whether guidelines, web tools, maps or upskilling qualification and advice – all of the climate services aim to support you with your self provision in face of the inevitable effects of climate change.

The climate services presented on KLiVO have in many cases arisen as a result of research projects and have a sound scientific basis. All services are regularly monitored to ensure that they are in line with the latest findings and are regularly updated. You can make use of all these services without restriction and free of charge.

The Competence Centre for Climate Impacts and Adaptation (⁠KomPass⁠) at the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) is the central point of contact for all services on the theme of climate adaptation. The KlimAdapt user-provider network, coordinated by KomPass, supports the further development of KLiVO and user-oriented services, identifies gaps between provided and needed services and aims at increasing the usage of climate adaptation services.

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Many services on KLiVO deal with heatstress
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International tools

EU Adaptation Support Tool:
The EU Adaptation Support Tool developed by the European Environment Agency assists users with the development of a climate adaptation plan and its monitoring. In addition, it provides access to various other sources and tools.
The EU Adaptation Support Tool is in English.

Adaptation Wizard:
UKCIP’s Adaptation Wizard supports organisations in adapting to climate change with the help of five steps. Starting with the objectives and an assessment of their own vulnerability to current and future climate, the Adaptation Wizard enables its users to identify and implement appropriate adaptation measures. The fifth step involves a monitoring of the own adaptation efforts.
The Adaptation Wizard is in English.
An overview of further helpful tools that have been developed for the UK can be found on the website of the UKCIP.

Adaptation Compass:
The adaptation tool was developed in the context of the European cooperation project “Future Cities”. With the help of a workbook and numerous interlinked documents, it provides employees in local authorities with information enabling them to determine their own concern and identify cross-sectoral adaptation measures.
The Project Catalogue is available in German and English.