Focal Point to the Basel Convention (Germany)

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The Focal Point to the Basel Convention in Germany, which was established under the Waste Shipment Act (AbfVerbrG), issues permits for transfrontier shipment of wastes through Germany, answers queries, and advises businesses and government agencies.

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Tasks of the Focal Point in the UBA

The focal point provides general information and issues expert opinions on issues regarding transfrontier shipment of wastes. It is also the point of contact for other focal points and correspondents, as well as the Basel Convention secretariat and the European Commission, and works closely with regional competent authorities in the Federal-States (Länder) responsible for waste export and import. This allows for direct and immediate data and information exchage between the Focal Point and the authorities of the Federal States and of international bodies. The Focal Point furthermore has the tasks to compile the yearly statistics on the amounts of wastes shipped across frontiers.


Useful informations and FAQs

The EU has issued instructions that are intended to provide assistance in completing the notification and movement forms. The transfrontier shipment of green-listed waste and the consignment information (Annex VII) have given rise to numerous questions to which the UBA provides answers in an FAQ document known as the FAQ-List.

In the interest of simplifying the task of classifying wastes in the Annexes to the Waste Shipment Regulation, the UBA has compiled consolidated waste lists incorporated the Annexes III, IIIA, IIIB and IV of WSR. Furthermore a list referencing OECD codes  and customs codes to the consolidated waste lists has been issued.

For more detailed information concerning transfrontier shipment of wastes see the article by Joachim Wuttke titled "Transfrontier Shipment of Wastes" and a guide (Vollzugshilfe) concerning the application of WSR and Waste Shipment Act (Ger.), issued by the Federation/Federal States Working Party on Waste (LAGA).


Basel Convention focal point events

Events of the Focal Point to the Basel Convention

The Focal Point regularly holds sessions with regional competent authorities for the purpose of discussing implementation and enforcement issues. Colloquiums are also held on special occasions to discuss particular issues.

Ten year anniversary of the Focal Point

On the occasion of the sixth international EDEN Conference in Berlin, an event was held to mark the tenth anniversary of the inception of the Focal Point in the UBA. The event was co-chaired by Andreas Jaron (a senior official from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Bonn) and Joachim Wuttke (head of the Focal Point, Dessau).

Twenty year anniversary of the Focal Point

A colloquium will likewise be held to mark the 20th anniversary of the Focal Point to the Basel Convention on 9th and 10th October 2014 in Dessau.