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WHO CC Air Quality Management and Air Pollution Control
Source: Catrin Zigelski / UBA

Until 2018 the WHO Collaborating Center for Air Quality Management and Air Pollution Control published news about air quality of the member states of the WHO Region for Europe.

On this page you can find all issues from 2001 to 2018.

  • December 2011

    The "particles plan" - an Approach to Reduce Particulate Matter Air Pollution in France +++ An Assessment of the Air Quality Situation in Europe +++ TRANSPHORM

    48, 12/2011

  • June 2012

    WHO European Centre for Environment and Health expanded its operations +++ New Emission Reduction Commitments for Fine Particulate Matter and other Main Air Pollutants for 2020 and Beyond

    49, 06/2012

  • December 2012

    Protecting Health from Climate Change - a seven Country Initiative in the WHO European Region

    50, 12/2012

  • June 2013

    Summary of Evidence on Health Aspects of Air Pollution +++ Current and Future Air Quality Monitoring

    51, 06/2013

  • December 2013

    Experiences from the Implementation of Air Quality Legislation at Urban Level in Europe

    52, 12/2013

  • June 2014

    Particulate Matter and Saharan Dust in Southern Europe - Results from the EU LIFE+ "Med-Particles" Project

    53, 06/2014

  • December 2014

    Health Risks to the German Population from Fine Particulate Matter

    54, 12/2014

  • June 2015

    Mid-Term Review of the Progress of WHO European Region Member States in Improving Outdoor and Indoor Air Quality

    55, 06/2015

  • December 2015

    Health burden of Air Pollutant Exposure in Belgrade: A European Region with high circulatory and malignant Mortality Rates

    WHO CC NL 56

  • June 2006

    1986 - 2006 20 Years of Collaboration with the World Health Organization in the Field of Air Hygiene +++ Environment and Health Information Systems in Europe and WHO Collaborative Projects

    37, 06/2006

  • December 2006

    Health Impact Asessment of Black Smoke and Airborne Particulates on Zagreb Population +++ Similarities and Differences in Airborne Particulate Matter: Exposure and Health Effects over Europe +++ The CAPACT Project: Coal Use and Air Pollution in Central Asia

    38, 12/2006

  • June 2007

    Assessment of Air Quality in Cyprus +++ No Decrease in PM10 Concentrations in Amsterdam in the Period 1999 - 2005

    39, 06/2007

  • December 2007

    Hamburg Participation in the APHEIS Network (Phase 4): Targets, Organisation and Results +++ The European Network of National Air Quality Reference Laboratories (AQUILA): Its Roles and Activities

    40, 12/2007

  • June 2008

    The Relation between Temperature, Ozone and Mortality in Nine French Cities during the Heatwave 2003 +++ COST ACTION 633 Particulate Matter - Prosperties related to Health Effects

    41, 06/2008

  • December 2008

    Update of WHO Air Quality Guidelines +++ PRONET - Pollution Reduction Options Network: Work Status Report +++ Urban Climate and Air Quality - An Overview of University Research in Germany

    42, 12/2008

  • June 2009

    NEHAP Network of Belgian Cities: Health Impact Assessment of Air Pollution +++ Temporal Changes of Chemical Activity in the Atmosphere

    43, 06/2009

  • December 2009

    Evaluation of Clean Air Plans in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany - Exposure and Health Effects in the Ruhr District an in Düsseldorf +++ Case Study of Human Health Risk Assessment due to transport-related Air Pollution in Ukraine

    44, 12/2009

  • June 2010

    Air Quality in Poland and Mitigation Measures concerning Emission Reductions +++ Trends in Air Quality in Germany

    45, 06/2010

  • December 2010

    Research on Air Pollution, Climate Change and Health in Europe - the EU Project ERA-ENVHEALTH +++ Air Quality Monitoring in Moscow

    46, 12/2010

  • December 2005

    Endotoxin Content in Ambient Particulate Matter in Germany +++ From Research to Policy - The European Environment and Health Committee (EEHC) looks at Air Quality

    36, 12/2005

  • June 2005

    Exposures to Exhaust-Generated PM2.5 in Traffic and other Microenvironments +++ Identification of Source Groups for Fine Dust in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany +++ CLEAR - Cluster of Air Quality Research

    35, 06/2005

  • December 2004

    German Environmental Survey for Children (GerES IV) 2003-2006 +++ Health Impact Assessment of Air Pollution in 26 European Cities and Communication Strategy - Latest Findings of the APHEIS Programme

    34, 12/2004

  • June 2004

    Health Aspects of air Pollution - Summary of Main Findings of the WHO Project 'Sytematic Review of Health Aspects of air Pollution in Europe' +++ The EMECAM/EMECAS Project - A Spanish Multicentre Study on Health Effects of Air Pollution

    33, 06/2004

  • December 2003

    Mould Guide - Guide for the Prevention, Investigation, Evaluation and Remidiation of Indoor Mould Growth +++ European PM2.5 Field Test Procedure to Establish an Appropriate PM2.5 Reference Method

    32, 12/2003

  • June 2003

    Air Quality Management in Switzerland +++ WHO Revision of the Toxic Equivalency Factors for Dioxins and Furans an its Impact on the Emissions of Waste Incineration Plants in Germany

    31, 06/2003

  • December 2002

    Health Impact Assessment of air Pollution in 26 European Cities - First Results of the APHEIS Study +++ Present Conditions and Problems of Air Pollution in Bulgaria

    30, 12/2002

  • July 2002

    AIRNET – A Thematic Network on Air Pollution and Health +++ Blood Lead Levels in Preschool and School Children in Three Urban Areas of Romania

    29, 07/2002

  • December 2001

    Austrian Project on Health Effects of Particles: First Results on Lung Function Changes in Children +++ Air Qualitiy Control System in Paris and its Suburbs

    28, 12/2001

  • July 2001

    Urban Benzene Pollution and Population Exposure +++ Investigation of the Risk of Cyanide in Gold Leaching on Health and Environment
    in Central Asia and Central Europe (IRCYL)

    27, 07/2001