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Schild des WHO CC Air Quality Management and Air Pollution Controlzum Vergrößern anklicken
Schild des WHO CC Air Quality Management and Air Pollution Control
Quelle: Catrin Zigelski / UBA

Das WHO Collaborating Center for Air Quality Management and Air Pollution Control veröffentlichte bis 2018 zweimal jährlich Neuigkeiten aus dem Bereich Luftqualität der internationalen Mitgliedstaaten der WHO-Region Europa.

Der Newsletter war ausschließlich auf Englisch verfügbar. Alle Ausgaben von 2001 bis 2018 finden Sie als PDF-Datei unten im Archiv.

Archiv WHO CC Newsletter

  • December 2011

    The "particles plan" - an Approach to Reduce Particulate Matter Air Pollution in France +++ An Assessment of the Air Quality Situation in Europe +++ TRANSPHORM

    48, 12/2011

  • June 2012

    WHO European Centre for Environment and Health expanded its operations +++ New Emission Reduction Commitments for Fine Particulate Matter and other Main Air Pollutants for 2020 and Beyond

    49, 06/2012

  • December 2012

    Protecting Health from Climate Change - a seven Country Initiative in the WHO European Region

    50, 12/2012

  • June 2013

    Summary of Evidence on Health Aspects of Air Pollution +++ Current and Future Air Quality Monitoring

    51, 06/2013

  • December 2013

    Experiences from the Implementation of Air Quality Legislation at Urban Level in Europe

    52, 12/2013

  • June 2014

    Particulate Matter and Saharan Dust in Southern Europe - Results from the EU LIFE+ "Med-Particles" Project

    53, 06/2014

  • December 2014

    Health Risks to the German Population from Fine Particulate Matter

    54, 12/2014

  • June 2015

    Mid-Term Review of the Progress of WHO European Region Member States in Improving Outdoor and Indoor Air Quality

    55, 06/2015

  • December 2015

    Health burden of Air Pollutant Exposure in Belgrade: A European Region with high circulatory and malignant Mortality Rates

    WHO CC NL 56

  • June 2006

    1986 - 2006 20 Years of Collaboration with the World Health Organization in the Field of Air Hygiene +++ Environment and Health Information Systems in Europe and WHO Collaborative Projects

    37, 06/2006

  • December 2006

    Health Impact Asessment of Black Smoke and Airborne Particulates on Zagreb Population +++ Similarities and Differences in Airborne Particulate Matter: Exposure and Health Effects over Europe +++ The CAPACT Project: Coal Use and Air Pollution in Central Asia

    38, 12/2006

  • June 2007

    Assessment of Air Quality in Cyprus +++ No Decrease in PM10 Concentrations in Amsterdam in the Period 1999 - 2005

    39, 06/2007

  • December 2007

    Hamburg Participation in the APHEIS Network (Phase 4): Targets, Organisation and Results +++ The European Network of National Air Quality Reference Laboratories (AQUILA): Its Roles and Activities

    40, 12/2007

  • June 2008

    The Relation between Temperature, Ozone and Mortality in Nine French Cities during the Heatwave 2003 +++ COST ACTION 633 Particulate Matter - Prosperties related to Health Effects

    41, 06/2008

  • December 2008

    Update of WHO Air Quality Guidelines +++ PRONET - Pollution Reduction Options Network: Work Status Report +++ Urban Climate and Air Quality - An Overview of University Research in Germany

    42, 12/2008

  • June 2009

    NEHAP Network of Belgian Cities: Health Impact Assessment of Air Pollution +++ Temporal Changes of Chemical Activity in the Atmosphere

    43, 06/2009

  • December 2009

    Evaluation of Clean Air Plans in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany - Exposure and Health Effects in the Ruhr District an in Düsseldorf +++ Case Study of Human Health Risk Assessment due to transport-related Air Pollution in Ukraine

    44, 12/2009

  • June 2010

    Air Quality in Poland and Mitigation Measures concerning Emission Reductions +++ Trends in Air Quality in Germany

    45, 06/2010

  • December 2010

    Research on Air Pollution, Climate Change and Health in Europe - the EU Project ERA-ENVHEALTH +++ Air Quality Monitoring in Moscow

    46, 12/2010

  • December 2005

    Endotoxin Content in Ambient Particulate Matter in Germany +++ From Research to Policy - The European Environment and Health Committee (EEHC) looks at Air Quality

    36, 12/2005

  • June 2005

    Exposures to Exhaust-Generated PM2.5 in Traffic and other Microenvironments +++ Identification of Source Groups for Fine Dust in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany +++ CLEAR - Cluster of Air Quality Research

    35, 06/2005

  • December 2004

    German Environmental Survey for Children (GerES IV) 2003-2006 +++ Health Impact Assessment of Air Pollution in 26 European Cities and Communication Strategy - Latest Findings of the APHEIS Programme

    34, 12/2004

  • June 2004

    Health Aspects of air Pollution - Summary of Main Findings of the WHO Project 'Sytematic Review of Health Aspects of air Pollution in Europe' +++ The EMECAM/EMECAS Project - A Spanish Multicentre Study on Health Effects of Air Pollution

    33, 06/2004

  • December 2003

    Mould Guide - Guide for the Prevention, Investigation, Evaluation and Remidiation of Indoor Mould Growth +++ European PM2.5 Field Test Procedure to Establish an Appropriate PM2.5 Reference Method

    32, 12/2003

  • June 2003

    Air Quality Management in Switzerland +++ WHO Revision of the Toxic Equivalency Factors for Dioxins and Furans an its Impact on the Emissions of Waste Incineration Plants in Germany

    31, 06/2003

  • December 2002

    Health Impact Assessment of air Pollution in 26 European Cities - First Results of the APHEIS Study +++ Present Conditions and Problems of Air Pollution in Bulgaria

    30, 12/2002

  • July 2002

    AIRNET – A Thematic Network on Air Pollution and Health +++ Blood Lead Levels in Preschool and School Children in Three Urban Areas of Romania

    29, 07/2002

  • December 2001

    Austrian Project on Health Effects of Particles: First Results on Lung Function Changes in Children +++ Air Qualitiy Control System in Paris and its Suburbs

    28, 12/2001

  • July 2001

    Urban Benzene Pollution and Population Exposure +++ Investigation of the Risk of Cyanide in Gold Leaching on Health and Environment
    in Central Asia and Central Europe (IRCYL)

    27, 07/2001

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