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Allgemeine Gesundheit


Newsletter WHO CC Air Hygiene

Schild des WHO CC Air Quality Management and Air Pollution Control

Twice a year the WHO Collaborating Center for Air Quality Management and Air Pollution Control publishes news about air quality of the member states of the WHO region Europe. read more


Environmental medicine

A blood sample is taken from someones arm.

The environmental medicine discipline aims to prevent the occurrence of environmental complaints and diseases in people. The cause of suffering is not always the same. Diagnosis and treatment often require cross-disciplinary cooperation and experience. read more


Environmental Medicine Commission

The work of the Environmental Medicine Commission is of great importance not only for the Robert Koch Institute and the Federal Environment Agency, but also for other environmental medical authorities and offices with an advisory function, not to mention clinics and practices. read more


Commissions and Working Groups

etwa 10 Leute sitzen auf einer Veranstaltung an U-förmig aufgestellten Tischen mit Namensschildern und Laptops, vorne läuft ein Beamer

Experts from federal and other authorities, from universities and other research institutes give advice to the Federal Environment Agency in commissions and working groups. Recommended actions are worked out after intensive discussion. Otherwise the Federal Environment Agency provides advice to working groups of federal government and German federal states as well as to the WHO. read more


Environmental impact on people

Eine Kuh grast auf einer Wiese, dahinter stehen Einfamilienhäuser. Hinter den Häuser ragen riesige qualmende Schornsteine empor.

Where people live, they create their own environment - living conditions, livelihood, social bonds and leisure-time activities secure and support their lives.City and rural communities are often influenced by similar environmental factors.  Problems can arise through climate change and from particulate matter from industrial combustion processors. The increasing demand of energy, industrial,... read more


The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment