NonHazCity 3 Interreg Project

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NonHazCity 3 partner cities on the Baltic Sea want to avoid pollutants in, from and around buildings
Source: NonHazCity 3- Projektteam

NonHazCity 3 is a European project under the framework of the EU Interreg Program for the Baltic Sea Region. NonHazCity 3 aims to reduce hazardous substances in the construction sector and to support circular construction. The project team involves 21 partners from all eight EU countries around the Baltic Sea, including municipalities, research institutes, NGOs, architecture firms and UBA.

Hazardous substances in buildings can only be avoided, if they are paid attention to when selecting materials and building products, designing, constructing, renovating and de-constructing or demolishing a building. The NonHazCity 3 project helps municipalities, entrepreneurs and citizens to become aware of chemicals in building products and to make decisions that minimise pollutants and their associated risks in buildings. In the project, knowledge systems are planned on three levels:

  • strategic solutions for management procedures in the building sector (recommendations, regulations, standards);
  • practical solutions for builders (technical instructions, fact sheets);
  • communication and education solutions (knowledge campaigns, training material).

In addition to pollutants, the focus is on climate-neutral and circular renovation and construction.

Pilot projects in the partner cities serve to test and validate the developed solution proposals. The following key priorities are planned for the pilot projects:

  • development of public procurement processes to reduce hazardous substances;
  • planning and construction of tox-free, climate-neutral and sustainable buildings; and
  • provision of information and tools for tox-free, climate-neutral and sustainable construction and renovation.

The German Environment Agency leads the group activities that transfer the project output into practical recommendations for political actors at EU and national level and link them to the implementation of the Zero Pollution Ambition targets in the building sector.

The project main coordinator is the Riga Municipality (Latvia). The project has a duration of 36 months (2023 - 2025) with a budget around 5 million Euros.

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