Research on the measurement and evaluation of pollutants

The German Federal Environment Agency supports the development and use of building products that are low in emissions and pollutant content. For this purpose our research projects are developing appropriate test and assessment methods for building products. We are also analysing how statutory and voluntary regulations can be further developed.

Development of test and assessment methods for emissions from building products

Manufacturers need reliable test and assessment methods if they are to design products that contain safe substances with low levels of emissions. The UBA supports the development and harmonisation of methods to test and assess the emissions of substances and odours from building products.

Development of low-emission, low-pollution building products

The UBA develops criteria for low-pollutant content and low-emissions building products which are applied, for example, by the Blue Angel. Our research projects help to establish these building products on the market. We provide manufacturers with proven advice on how to optimise production processes and product formulas.

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