Flood warning

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Warning of Flooding.
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Informing the population about the current flood situation is of crucial importance for a functioning emergency response. People in flood-prone areas can only prepare themselves appropriately in the event of an acute incident if they are quickly and comprehensively informed about the situation and possible dangers. The article compiles important sources of information.

Further Links

Nationwide / Inter-river basin

  • The Inter-State Flood Portal (LHP) is operated jointly by the German federal states. For this purpose, each federal state provides continuously updated data of a selection of flood gauges. They publish brief information on the "Current situation" as well as, if applicable, current "Flood warnings" and more detailed "Reports".
  • Information on current water levels is provided by the waterway information system of the Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration (Pegelonline). Also, water levels are forecasted at relevant gauges by the Electronic Waterway Information System (ELWIS).
  • The German Weather Service also publishes weather warnings.
  • The warning app "NINA", managed by the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance, can be downloaded as a precautionary measure. It provides early information about all possible dangerous situations - including floods. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the warning app "NINA" can only serve as a supportive source of information and should be supplemented by other precautionary measures.

Regional / River basin specific











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