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„Good air“ – what exactly is it? What can we do to improve it? What is being done to protect ecosystems against air pollutants, and which ones are harmful to health and how does it relate to the climate? The UBA provides information and regular updates on air quality.

Year of Air 2013

Das Logo zum Jahr der Luft 2013 zeigt eine Pusteblume und den Schriftzug "Jahr der Luft"

This Federal Environment Agency web page offers regularly updated information about air and other topics related to this most important elixir of life. Find out here how air quality has developed and which pollutants are harmful to health. We identify sources of pollution and point out measures to combat it. read more


Sulphur dioxide

Sulphur dioxide is a colourless, water soluble gas with a pungent smell. It is produced from combustion of fossil fuels, for example coal and oil. read more


Nitrogen dioxide

The main sources of the air pollutant nitrogen dioxide are combustion processes in the industrial and energy production sectors, and road transport. Nitrogen dioxide affects the respiratory mucous membrane and influences the respiratory function. read more


The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment