Finalised data for NO2 pollution in Germany in 2017 now available

65 cities exceed the NO2 limit value

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Diesel-run vehicles are a major source of nitrogen dioxide.
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The evaluation of 2017 NO2 monitoring data from around the country has been completed. The data reveals that 65 cities exceeded the limit value in effect across Europe of 40 micrograms per cubic metre (µg/m³) of air on a yearly average.

The preliminary analysis of February 2018 had indicated 66 cities in exceedance. The city of Remscheid has since been deleted as it complies with the limit value of 40 µg/m³. In 2016 there were 90 cities which exceeded the limit value.

The city with the highest level of pollution in 2017 is still Munich: 78 µg/m³ on a yearly average, followed by Stuttgart (73 µg/m³) and Cologne (62 µg/m³).

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