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Climate Impacts and Adaptation

Debates sometimes give the impression that climate change is still a problem of the future and hardly has any effects in Germany. Yet far-reaching climate changes are already noticeable today - even in this country. In the future, climate change and its impacts will increase even more. For that reason it is extremely important to adapt in a timely and efficient manner.

Adapting to climate change means to deal with its consequences and prepare for future impacts. Active adaptation measures can reduce negative impacts and can be used to take advantage of emerging opportunities.Climate change affects many aspects of our lives. Transport, housing, health and travel are just a few examples. In that respect, federal and state governments pursue an active and foresighted adaptation policy. However, it is a challenge to everyone: companies, public administration, associations and private individuals.On the following pages you will find an overview of the current activities of the federal and state governments. In addition, you can access comprehensive information on climate adaptation, potential measures and examples.

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Germany’s Current Projects

In order to ensure that Germany is ideally prepared for the possible impacts of climate change, the federal government has already initiated a wide range of projects. These provide important reference points for appropriate adaptation strategies for future climate changes. The projects include both the identification of potential climate impacts and the implementation of concrete measures. read more


Adaptation Action Plan

The German Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change (DAS) is the policy framework for climate adaptation in Germany. In order to support this strategy with concrete measures, the Adaptation Action Plan (APA) was adopted in 2011. read more


German Adaptation Strategy

Climate change is already taking place today - even here in Germany. In order to avoid or at least minimise damage and exploit possible opportunities, effective adaptation measures are required. Germany has established a political framework for this by developing the German Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change. read more


Expected Climate Changes

The term “climate change” describes any change in the climate or the climate parameters over time. Climate changes can be described by a modification of the mean value or the fluctuation range of climatic characteristics over a long period of time (usually three decades). read more


Introduction to Climate Projections

Climate projections provide information about possible future climate developments. They constitute an important basis to gain information about climate impacts and possible adaptation options. Climate projections are the result of the application of climate models that are based on emission and concentration scenarios. read more


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