German Environmental Survey, GerES


Chemicals, mould or noise – people are exposed every day to potentially harmful influences from the environment. In the German Environmental Survey, the Federal Environment Agency is investigating the exposure of the population to pollutants and other environmental effects such as noise. It is thereby contributing to the protection of people and the environment. read more



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The function of epidemiology is to investigate the frequency of occurrence of diseases, health problems, or other health-related phenomena in populations or population groups, and to look for possible causes. read more


Data for health-related exposure assessment

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The Federal Environment Agency provides extensive current data facilitating population-based exposure modeling and assessment. These reference data describe inter aliafood and drinking water consumptiontime-location and activity patternssoil and dust ingestionresidential characteristicsanthropometricsof the general German population typically stratified by gender and age.A major update and expansi... read more

The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment