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Climate protection: 2009 shows 8.4% decline in greenhouse gas emissions

According to initial calculations by the Federal Environment Agency (UBA), total greenhouse gas emissions The contents of this press release refer to emissions only. Land use and changes to use are not taken into account. in Germany at the end of 2009 had declined by some 80 million tonnes (minus 8.4 percent) over 2008 levels. Since 1990 Germany had reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 28.7 percent as of late 2009. The industrial sector and manufacturing industry produced 20 percent less emissions. Federal Minister for Environment Norbert Röttgen explains, “The decline in emissions owes mainly to the economic crisis. However, our aim is to achieve growth through climate protection, which is why we will continue to promote the expansion of renewable energies and development of energy efficiency as they are the only means to ensure long-term protection of the climate while propelling economic growth at the same time.” read more

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