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Soil types

A soil profile with differently coloured layers of brown earth.

Specific types of soil with their own inherent properties form over a lengthy period as the result of the interplay between a host of environmental factors. Germany has a closed soil covering that is strong in many locations and forms a patchwork of many different types of soil. read more

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The Federal Environment Agency Soil Protection Commission

Soil protection continues to be treated as the stepchild of environmental politics. This is not just, for soils and their many interconnections to water, air and the climate as well as providing the site for foods and feedstuffs play a crucial role at the heart of precautionary environmental politics. To support the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) in the area of soil protection, Prof. Dr. Andreas... read more

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Soil compaction

Photo of a tyre track on an arable.

Farm vehicles exert pressure on the soil that varies according to equipment weight. If the weight generated underneath the tires exceeds ground stability, the soil particles are compacted; this in turn degrades soil quality. And as farm equipment grows ever heavier, problems can result. read more

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Soil related travel destinations in Germany

Experiencing the ground beneath our feet is very much a part of our experience of nature, as here with this former sand pit.

Discovering soils in their natural environment makes for an exciting journey through our natural and cultural heritage. The countless nature discovery paths, museums, profile compilations and art objects scattered throughout Germany are worthy travel destinations that afford rich opportunities to immerse yourself in the world of soils. read more

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Learning about and experiencing soil

Anthill in forest

Life in all its multifarious forms would be unthinkable without the earth’s various soils, which can only assure a plentiful and healthy supply of food and drinking water if their ecology remains intact. But how can we best ensure that our soils are used judiciously and responsibly as habitats and resources? The UBA contributes to soil stewardship among other things by disseminating information. read more

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Soil functions

A mole on the surface.

Soil carries out myriad functions that are free of charge and extremely powerful, and that are what make soil so valuable not only to us but also to natural flora and fauna. Clean water and healthy food are only obtainable if our soils are healthy too. And while the soil supports myriad functions, it also needs stewardship. read more

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