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System comparison of storable energy carriers from renewable energies

An essential prerequisite for a sustainable energy supply and greenhouse gas neutrality in Germany and worldwide is the complete conversion of the energy supply to renewable energies. Wind and sun are the sources with the greatest supply potential. However, these energy sources have a low energy density and are not uniformly available everywhere to the same extent. Therefore, a system is needed for the temporal and spatial connection between energy provision and use, which manages the provision of primary energy from the sun and wind, its conversion into storable energy carriers and their transport to the place of use. In addition to the transition to climate and environmentally compatible energy sources and their efficient use, this connecting system must also have the lowest possible environmental effects. This research project examines such supply paths with the method of life cycle assessments and thus provides indications of which measures must be advanced in order to reduce the environmental effects of the supply, storage and transport of storable energy sources. It remains essential to use energy as sparingly and efficiently as possible in order to reduce the required amount of storable energy sources from renewable energies and thus their environmental effects as much as possible. In addition to the final report as a summary of essential methods and results and the appendix with a detailed presentation of the work carried out, the data tables with the input data for the life cycle assessment calculation, its results and the results of the cost estimates are also provided below for further work in this topic area.

Final report „System comparison of storable energy carriers from renewable energies“ (2 MB)

Annex to the final report „Detailed analyses of the system comparison of storable energy carriers from renewable energies“ (87 MB)

Data tables:
Input data for life cycle assessments (Excel file, 1 MB)
Results of life cycle assessments (zip-file with Excel files, 4 MB)
Results of cost estimates (zip-file with Excel files, 400 KB)


Texte | 40/2021
Axel Liebich, Thomas Fröhlich, Daniel Münter, Horst Fehrenbach, Sonja Simon, Simon Maier, Friedeman Albrecht, Thomas Pregger, Christoph Schillings, Massimo Moser, Regine Reißner, Schwan Hosseiny, Gerfried Jungmeier, Martin Beermann, Dorian Frieden, Neil Bird
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