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Comparative analysis of case studies for mining sites worldwide

OekoRess II Working Report on environmental hazards and impacts, governance challenges and indicators

One aim of the project OekoRess II was to further develop evaluation methods for environmental hazard potentials of mining projects and raw materials developed as part of the predecessor project OekoRess I. The main task of the methodology development was to identify a governance indicator which reflects best a country’s mining sector governance with regard to environmental aspects. The study aims to answer the question whether existing governance indices and indicators are able to adequately reflect the capability of governments, companies and civil society to manage potential environmental hazards and avoid or reduce environmental impacts of mining.

For this purpose, 10 case studies on mining sites in different countries worldwide were prepared. The results of these studies were then compared with the results of further 13 case from another  predecessor project (UmSoRess).  A set of governance indicators was identified that can be used to improve the environmental governance indicator of the evaluation schemes. Eight indicators were tested on the 23 case studies. In result, the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) was recognized as best suited.

This report presents the research approach and the consolidated results. All ten case studies and links to related reports are provided below.

The detailed assessment results for more than 50 raw materials are available in a separate Environmental Criticality Report.

Texte | 81/2020
Fiona Becker, Christine Scholl, Lukas Rüttinger, Pia van Ackern, Aissa Rechlin, Michael Priester, Noah Schöning, Regine Vogt, Claudia Kämper
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