Incentive Schemes to Promote Sustainable Mobility Behaviour

The German Environment Agency (UBA) invites together with the German Institute for Urban Affairs (Difu) and the ConPolicy GmbH local authorities, mobility and transport planning experts as well as urban planning experts to join the web seminar “Beyond Push and Pull: Incentive Schemes to Promote Sustainable Mobility Behaviour in Communal Practice” on 12th of July 2024.

Individualised mobility consulting, mobility budgets or playful comparisons among colleagues about who cycled the most: Incentive schemes open up a variety of new opportunities to promote sustainable mobility behaviour. Given supportive framework conditions and communication measures, incentive schemes can be a valuable addition to classic push and pull measures on the way to sustainable urban mobility.

This web seminar sets out to discuss and reflect upon the potential of incentive schemes and positions them in relation to communal mobility policies. Three communal examples illustrate how incentive schemes can be applied in practice. A subsequent discussion and outlook will identify the framework conditions for incentive schemes to be effective.


Moderation: Anne Klein-Hitpaß & Levke Sönksen, Difu

10:00 | Introduction – Promotion of sustainable mobility behaviour as a municipal task?
Miriam Dross & Alena Berta, ⁠UBA

10:15 | Can we make it attractive and easy? About the effects of material, immaterial and gamified incentives
Marlene Münsch, ConPolicy

10:40 | Learning from communal practice

Moving away from the private car – Mobility budgets as financial incentives
Elodie Mertz, Brussels Air Premium, Brussels

Putting value on active mobility – Synergies of gamification and financial incentives
Sílvia Casorran Martos, FutureMob, Barcelona

Traffic light innovations – Intangible incentives as a means to make cycling more attractive
Bram Klemann, Rainsensor, Heatsensor, Green Wave, Rotterdam

11:15 | Beyond the individual case – Discussion of framework conditions and transferability

11:45 | So what does it take? From idea to implementation
Susan Grant-Muller, University of Leeds

12:00 | End

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