Compliance digital September 2022

Substances of very high concern (SVHCs) can be found in a wide variety of consumer products. According to Article 33 of the REACH Regulation, any actor along the supply chain has to communicate to consumers upon request the presence of any SVHC contained in their articles at a concentration exceeding 0.1%, w/w. 

To facilitate communication between companies and consumers, the LIFE project AskREACH has developed a database for article suppliers and an associated app for consumers in Europe. Using the Scan4Chem smartphone app consumers are able to easily check the presence of SVHCs in any submitted article they are interested in, or create and send a request for SVHC information to the relevant company.

These tools support companies in their compliance with the European chemicals regulation ⁠REACH⁠ and enable consumers to make informed buying decisions.

On 7 September, the German Environment Agency and the AskREACH team will once more host the web conference Compliance Digital. The AskREACH team will share their experience and tools to help companies learn more about information obligations according to REACH. A practical demonstration of the free AskREACH database will also be provided.

During the presentations, companies may find answers to questions such as:

  • What information has to be provided by enterprises in accordance with REACH Article 33?
  • How can your company prepare for consumer enquiries about SVHCs?
  • What are the benefits of using the cost-free European AskREACH database?
  • How can you improve your communications along the supply chain?

Registration (deadline: 5 Sep 2022) and Agenda (below)

Suppliers of articles are invited to register with the database before the event to be able to follow the short demonstration. Create your company account in a single step here.

For any additional information please contact the AskREACH team (askreach [at] uba [dot] de) or visit

"Compliance Digital September 2022 – Simplified corporate communications about SVHCs in articles "

Preliminary agenda of the web conference

Moderated by Ioannis Dosis (German Environment Agency, ⁠UBA⁠)

  • 13:20 Join the web conference

  • 13:30 Welcome note; Introduction to the agenda; Virtual Tour de Table

  • 13:45 Articles under REACH - Information Flow from Producer to Consumer
    Heinz Bülter, Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) Germany, REACH-⁠CLP⁠-Biocide Helpdesk

  • 14:30 The LIFE AskREACH Project: Campaigns for companies and consumers, the App Scan4Chem and the AskREACH database
    Christine Hellerström, German Environment Agency (UBA)

  • 14:50 Short Break

  • 15:00 Participants’ survey: Challenges for communication about SVHCs

  • 15:15 European AskREACH database and demo of supplier front end
    Ghaya Rziga, Luxembourg Institute for Science and Technology (LIST)

  • 16:00 Supply chain communication towards chemicals traceability: Enabling REACH compliance and the Circular Economy
    Rebecca Niebler, University of Applied Science Darmstadt, Sofia

  • 16:15  Open questions & future topics

  • 16:30 End of the event

The preliminary agenda of the web conference "Compliance Digital September 2022 – Simplified corporate communications about SVHCs in articles" you may download here. 

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