Advanced Materials - 1st Thematic Conference

Wörlitzer Platz 1
06844 Dessau-Roßlau

The German Environment Agency invites representatives from science, industry, authorities and NGOs to Dessau to jointly discuss advanced materials, their potential applications and potential categories.

Advanced materials are considered as heterogeneous group of new or modified materials with improved properties for intended applications. Based on their properties, the materials offer manifold applications for environmental and resource protection, energy and climate protection, mobility and health.

At least for a certain part of these new materials it has to be expected that their potential risk may not be driven by their chemical identity alone but may also be determined by their physical and morphological properties. Therefore, there is the need to verify if the provisions and instruments established for the current chemical safety assessment still allow an appropriate risk assessment of these materials or if there is a need for adaption. In addition, it is needed to check if these materials feature challenges within other relevant environmental related areas, e.g. they may pose disposal problems or limit recycling capabilities.

Against this background, different stakeholders (authorities, science, industry, NGO) are invited to a series of thematic conferences. Additional meetings are scheduled for June 2020 (⁠OECD⁠, Paris) and May 2021 (⁠BMU⁠, Berlin).

Aim of the 1st thematic conference is to receive an overview on the multitude of advanced mateirals and their potential applications. In addition, the relevance of these materials as well as possibilities to categorise or define them shall be discussed.

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